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Wood Ash Glaze

For the longest time I avoided makeing wood ash glaze myself, thinking, “that’s waaaay too hippie for me…”

Somehow I felt uncomfortable forcing the romance on the act of making your own glaze from the wood-stove ash.

Winter starts early in maine. Everybody has a wood stove.

Ash is usually thrown to the garden, which is great for the soil, but I started to think that it’s a waste as a potter not to utilize this natural and free material for glaze.

It takes more time to wash the ash to make glaze, but it is definitely softer and earthier compared to manufactured glaze materials.

I am slowly admitting that I am just as the same hippie breed. My name is translated in English as “flower child” after all…

I added some iron to wood ash glaze to make this yellow color.

Plates are available at Sara Japanese Pottery in NY.


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