Monohanako | Haystack Mountain School of Craft 2018
Modern Japanese pottery made in Karatsu Japan by Hanako Nakazato
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Haystack Mountain School of Craft

7/15 (Sun) ~ 7/27 (Fri) 2018

Deer Isle, Maine

Form and Rhythm for the Table

This workshop will focus on the life of tableware, from its conception and birth on the wheel to its regular use at the table. Through the lens of contemporary Japanese aesthetics, craft, and food culture, we will explore the living vessel, how it is made and how it is used. A throwing technique—rooted in the tradition of Karatsu, Japan that uses speed, rhythm, and free spirit to infuse simple vessels with energy—will be demonstrated. Looking at Japanese concepts of plating and the importance of variety and rhythm in setting the table, this workshop will expand your vision of functional pottery and its relationship with food. All levels welcome.